Carry Out Meals

The following rules apply to all Carry Out Meals:
– Meals must be ordered by noon the day before the meal is to be picked up.
– Each Carry Out Meal will be deducted from the student’s meal plan as if the student were eating in a house dining hall.
– Carry Out Meals are only available Monday through Friday.
– Students who need to cancel a Carry Out Meal order must call 619-253-5150 at least 12 hours in advance of their meal pick up time.
– Students picking up meals for an ill student must present a valid MIT ID Card to verify their identity.

To order a Carry Out Meal, please follow the steps below:

1. Fill out the Carry Out Meal Form HERE.
2.Submit the completed form to the house dining hall that you wish to order from OR email the form to
3.Once you received confirmation from the house dining hall, you (or a student who is picking up the meal for you) must pick up your meal within 1 hour of the designated time.